Sunday, December 12, 2010

Using Media; "Me vs My Dad"

My father uses a lot kinds of media. He doesn't buy newspaper. He follows
the newspaper from the Internet. Because he thinks; " cheaper, easier and faster is better". I agree with him. Also, he reads Academic magazines
about Education. Because, he is a academic director. So, when he read these magazines, he thinks; "new projects". But, I read about Abroad
Education and Technology. Such as; PhD and Nanotechnology. Then, my
father watches the TV two hours per a day. He watches the news and nice
movies. I rarely watch the TV. Because there are a lot of homeworks on everyday. I'm a student like a miner. My father listen to the radio while he was going to the job. He listens Turkish Folk Music again and again. Also, he listens to the NTV and BBC station for news. Lastly, Internet is a
wonderful news foundation for my father. He uses the Internet for everything. In my opinion, he thinks "Internet is to be or not to be". God bless him.

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