Monday, December 13, 2010

Using The Media Me And Elder Brother

My brother watchs the TV a lot. He likes a variety of different TV programmes.He likes sportscart.He likes comedies and documentary.He likes series and these days.He watchs Prisonbreak.The television indispensable for his.He has square eyes.I think.I don't like TV because the TV waste of time for me.I sometimes watch TV. I watch the breakfast news shows.I watch documantry.

He sometimes buys newspaper. Generally, He reads Habertürk and Fotomaç.I subsribe to a time a newspaper.I sometimes read newspaper.I think the time newspaper can give a lot of good information.Particularly,journalists tell the truth.It is definitely worth reading.

He uses the Internet a lot. The Internet is a uniqe tool for his.He watchs the film on the internet.He sometimes plays computer games.He looks mail and facebook.I do research a lot.I find material for homework.I buy music.I listen to the music on the internet (Youtube).I don't like computer games.Because the games waste of time for me.I think computer games are harmful for children because the games are violent.The games detrimental for psycholoqical

health.These cause, my brothers don't play computer games.

He doesn't listen to radio but I sometimes listen to the radio.I listen to news on the radio.I don't listen to music on the radio because I listen to enstrumental music.There isn't enstrumental music on the radio.

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