Sunday, December 26, 2010


Cities are the most different places in Turkey.Everyone can recognise these cities,but are they all the same?This essay looks at two different cities in Turkey.

İstanbul is the most developed city of all in Turkey.It has important places.There are a lot of historical places and famous schools.The population is 15 million in İstanbul.It is the most crowded city all the cities in Turkey.Siirt is smaller than İstanbul and more undeveloped than it.The population is 300.00 in Siirt.It has exciting places.Siirt is hotter than İstanbul but İstanbul is humider than Siirt.Also Siirt has specific foods such as büryan,perde pilav and içli köfte.
To summarise,İstanbul is larger than Siirt but İstanbull is more crowded than Siirt so it is sometimes a boring city.In contrast,İstanbul has tourists everyyear.Siirt's local people usually visit this city.İn conclusion,we can see that these cities are different,especially if you want to visit a different city,you can go Siirt because it will cause you to feel something different in this city.


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