Sunday, December 26, 2010


İstanbul and Trabzon are the most impressive cities of Turkey.Thousands of people wantto visit these cities.This essay looks at two famous cities in the same country.

İstanbul is in the northern-west of Turkey.It links Asia and Europe.İstanbul is the largest city in Turkey.The population of İstanbul is 13 million.İstanbul is also a megacity as well as The cultural,economic and financial centre of Turkey.İstanbul is the most important industrical center in Turkey.There are many factories.İstanbul has a lot of historical places and there is a Bosphorus in İstanbul so it is a popular tourist center.Also the education is developed.There are 31 universities.The traffic is a big problem.

Unlike,Trabzon is in the northern of Turkey.Trabzon is a small city.The population is 1 million. Trabzon is one of the oldest trade-port cities in Anatolia.The economy depends on farming and animal husbandry.There are a lot of historical and natural beuties.For example;Sumela Monastery, Uzungöl,Trabzon Castle etc.There is a university in Trabzon.Its name is Karadeniz Technical University

To summarise,İstanbul is more developed than Trabzon but Trabzon is calmer than İstanbul. İstanbul’s population is 13 million.In contract Trabzon’s population is only 1 million.There are 31 universities in İstanbul,where as there is one university in Trabzon.İstanbul is an industrical city but the economy of Trabzon depends on farming and animal husbandry.In conclusion,there are differences between İstanbul and Trabzon.They are well-known cities Turkey.


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