Tuesday, December 28, 2010

# New York and Gaza #

The effect of cities are big in changing world.There are many differences among the cities.Alright,what are these differences.This essay looks at two famous cities in different country.

The first city is New York.New York is one of the world’s popular cities.The population is 8 million.The transportation is wonderful.There are a lot of types of transport.This city is developed on health field.There are a lot of good hospitals.Finding of medicine is easy.Healing of people is fast.

The second city is Gaza.Gaza is one of the world’s most popular cities.The population is 400.000.The transportation is bad.Because roads aren’t good.A lot of people haven’t got car.There are three hospitals.These hospitals aren’t good.Hospitals haven’t got medicine.Healing of people is diffucult in Gaza.A lot of people are waiting for healing.Especially children’s health is very bad.

To summarise,New York is more developed than Gaza.New York is richer than Gaza.New York is a free city.In contrast,Gaza isn’t a free city.

In conclusion,there are many differences between these two cities.Personally,I want to go Gaza.Because they need our help.


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