Friday, December 24, 2010



Mountains are one of the most impressive features of Turkey.
Everybody can recognise a mountain , This essay looks at two famous mountains in Turkey.
Those mountains are famous for ski centres . The mountains are in different cities .

One of the famous mountain is Uludağ in Bursa . Uludağ is the biggest winter and nature
sports centre in Turkey . Uludağ (2543 m) on Bursa . Uludağ is the highest mountain of the
Marmara Region . The biggest point is Uludağtepe in the lakes area . Bursa is the fourth biggest city in Turkey . Bursa is the centre of mountain and winter tourism .

Unlike Uludağ , Mount Erciyes in Kayseri is a dormant volcano .
Mount Erciyes is 25 km from the city centre . Mount Erciyes (3917 m) on Kayseri but small
Erciyes' top is 3703m . Erciyes ski centre (2150 m) is on Mount Erciyes but Uludağ is more
important ski centre than Mount Erciyes . Skies centres are between 1800 - 3000m .

To summarise , Mount Erciyes is higher than Uludağ but Uludağ is the highest mountain in the Marmara Region . You can see İstanbul and Marmara Sea from top of Uludağ .
In conclusion , we can see that these two mountains have more differences than similarities but I prefer Uludağ to Erciyes .

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