Sunday, December 12, 2010

Using Media: Me and My Father

My father still reads newspaper almost everyday. My father sometimes don't buy a newspaper. He generally buys a few newspapers because my father don't believe only a newspaper's article. I occasionally reads newspaper but i like to read newspapers. I want to read newspaper everyday. When I read news to internet, my eyes to hurt so newspaper read to can be very relaxing. But I sometimes haven't got time for read newspaper because I'm a preparatory student. I spend my time for study english. :) I usually solve newspaper riddles with my mother. It is enjoyable and I like it. :) My father usually uses internet for reading news. He follows news sites but I use internet for listening to music and watching videos. I don't listen radio but I rarely follow comedy radio programmes. I watch TV once a week. I am following a series. My father always watches news to TV. When I go to my father's side, I watch news. I sometimes like it. I generally go to theatre with my family once a week. We always go to theatre Because my family like theatre too much. But we go to cinema once a month. I like to read magazines but I seldom read magazines nowadays. I followed music magazines last year. If we use the media correctly, it is good! :)

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