Monday, December 27, 2010


Habitable Islands are the most beautiful places in the world.Everyone want to go to the islands but what is the name of the most interesting island?This essay looks at two famous islands in my country.
Büyükada is the largest of the nine so-called princes islands in the sea of Marmara near Istanbul.There are several historical buildings on Büyükada ,such as the Ayia Yorgi Church and Monostery dating back to the 6th century,the Ayios Dimitrios Church and the Hamidiye Mosque built by Abdul Hamid II.What is more, visitors can take the small tour of the island by buggy.Visitors often ride a bicycle in the island.Unlike Büyükada ,Sedef Adası is one of the smallest islands of the archipelago.With an area of 0.157 km2.Sedef Adası is quieter than other islands.Also it is the one of the cleanest the sea between the islands.
To summarise,Büyükada is larger than Sedef Adası.Unlike Sedef,more tourists will visit Büyükada but Sedef Adası is quieter than Büyükada,Sedef Adası is greener than Büyükada.In conclusion,we can see that these two islands have more differences than similarities,but our islands,they are worth seeing...

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