Sunday, December 26, 2010

Differences Between Istanbul and Erzurum

There are a lot of differences between Istanbul and Erzurum. Their populations, climates, transportations, geographical features and social lives are different. So people who live in that cities have varied features.

Istanbul is the most developed city in Turkey. It is very crowded. About 12 million people live in Istanbul. Kinds of transports are also developing. Many people use them. However, traffic jam is a big problem. The weather is usually warm, it’s very hot in summer. It is a flat city. Istanbul is famous for historical buildings. A lot of tourists visit it every year. They go to the beaches and they are helping our economy.

Erzurum is a very big city in the north of Turkey. However, the population is about one million people. The weather is colder than Istanbul. Especially, in winter, it’s very cold. Also it’s higher than Istanbul. There are a lot of mountains. It’s famous for Palandöken Mountain. There a lot of snow activities in Palandöken. Tourists can go to in that place every season. Unfortunately, transportation is not good because snowfall is a big problem in Erzurum.

To summarise, these two cities are very beautiful. But Istanbul is more beautiful than Erzurum and also more developed than Erzurum. I think if you want to travelling, you should go to these cities.

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