Thursday, December 30, 2010


The cities have the most important historical places in Turkey.A lot of people want to visit these places but are they all the same.This essay looks at two cities in the same country.

Istanbul is in the west of Turkey.The most crowded city in Turkey is Istanbul.The population of Istanbul is 12.915 million.Also, Istanbul has a lot of historical places.There is the sea.There are some lakes and some bridges.So,Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city.The tarffic is one of the biggest problems of Istanbul.

Unlike is the Edirne west of Turkey.Edirne is crowded.The population of Edirne 400.000.There is a Selimiye mosque in Edirne.It has a historical city.The most popular meal is liver.The summer is very hot and wet.Edirne has the longest bridge.Edirne hasn't got the sea.There isn't a traffic problem.

To summarise Istanbul is more crowded tahn Edirne.Edirne is a hot city.In constrast,Istanbul is large city and big.We can see that these two cities have more differences than similarities.

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