Thursday, December 30, 2010


The cities have the most important historical places in Turkey.A lot of people want to visit these places but are they all the same.This essay looks at two cities in the same country.

Istanbul is in the west of Turkey.The most crowded city in Turkey is Istanbul.The population of Istanbul is 12.915 million.Also, Istanbul has a lot of historical places.There is the sea.There are some lakes and some bridges.So,Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city.The tarffic is one of the biggest problems of Istanbul.

Unlike is the Edirne west of Turkey.Edirne is crowded.The population of Edirne 400.000.There is a Selimiye mosque in Edirne.It has a historical city.The most popular meal is liver.The summer is very hot and wet.Edirne has the longest bridge.Edirne hasn't got the sea.There isn't a traffic problem.

To summarise Istanbul is more crowded tahn Edirne.Edirne is a hot city.In constrast,Istanbul is large city and big.We can see that these two cities have more differences than similarities.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carnivorous Marsupial Tasmanian Devil and Herbivorous Ostrich

Animals are one of the most impressive features of the natural world. There are a lot of different kind of animals but do you know all? This essay looks at two interesting animals in diffirent countries.
The largest carnivorous marsupial in the world is Tasmanian Devils on Tasmanian Island in the Australia. They are 65 cm and they 8 kg of Tasmanian Devil. Tasmanian Devils is musclely. Generaly, their fur coats are black or brown. There are mustaches on their face and head. Its teeth are very sharp from Tasmanian Devils. Tasmanian Devils eat all local mammals and domesticated mammals. Also, they use 11 diffirent voice for communication.
Unlike Tasmanian Devils, Ostriches in Africa are herbivorous animals. They are 2m and they are 90-130 kg of ostrichs. The largest bird of the other birds is ostrich. Generaly, their fur coats are black. Ostrichs eat all plants. Africa Ostrichs kick very tragic. There are two fingers from Ostriches foots.
To summarise, Ostrich is higher than Tasmanian Devil. Ostrich is a herbivorous animal. In contrast Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial. Ostriches are 2m ligh, whereas the height of Tasmanian Devil is 65 cm. Tasmanian Devil live in Tasmanian Island but Ostrich can live everywhere. In conclusıon, we can see that these two animals have more diffirences than similarities.
Büşra Öztürk

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Greenland and Bora Bora

Islands have their own kind of magic ,Greenland and Bora Bora are the most beautiful examples of them.This essay looks at two pleasant islands.

Greenlad is the biggest island in the world.It lies between the Northern Atlantic and Arctic Oceans , off the coast of North America.There is a lot of land , but not very green.Snow falls on Greenland in every month of the year.

Bora Bora is the most beautiful tropical island in the world.It is in the Pasific Ocean.It is a small island.The weather is hot and wet.There are green hills and two impressive peaks .It has clear blue water and white sandy beaches.The lagoon is the most important feature of Bora Bora.

To summarise ,Greenland is colder than Bora Bora .Greenland covers icecap.It has a little green land.In contrast ,Bora Bora is very green.Greenland has snow in every month, whereas Bora Bora that these two islands have more differences than similarities, but they both catch our imagination.

# New York and Gaza #

The effect of cities are big in changing world.There are many differences among the cities.Alright,what are these differences.This essay looks at two famous cities in different country.

The first city is New York.New York is one of the world’s popular cities.The population is 8 million.The transportation is wonderful.There are a lot of types of transport.This city is developed on health field.There are a lot of good hospitals.Finding of medicine is easy.Healing of people is fast.

The second city is Gaza.Gaza is one of the world’s most popular cities.The population is 400.000.The transportation is bad.Because roads aren’t good.A lot of people haven’t got car.There are three hospitals.These hospitals aren’t good.Hospitals haven’t got medicine.Healing of people is diffucult in Gaza.A lot of people are waiting for healing.Especially children’s health is very bad.

To summarise,New York is more developed than Gaza.New York is richer than Gaza.New York is a free city.In contrast,Gaza isn’t a free city.

In conclusion,there are many differences between these two cities.Personally,I want to go Gaza.Because they need our help.


Different Cats

Different Cats

Cats are one most impressive animals of the natural world. Everyone can see a cat, but are they all the same? This essay looks at two specias of the cat.

The fastest big cat in the world is the Cheetah (between 112 and 120 km/h) especially in Africa or Southwestern Asia. Usually, they hunt as a group. Their binomial name is Acinonyx Jubatus.

Unlike the Cheetah, the Leopard in Southern Asia and widely in Eastern and central Africa is a another cat. The Leopard may be the world’s most nimble cat because of its almost perfect anatomy. Their name is Panthera Pardus.

To summarise, Leopard is stronger than Cheetah but Cheetah is faster than Leopard and than the other cats. Leonard’s gun is mystery and power while Cheetah’s gun is fast and group work. These animals are living in near places. The thing is that they have a war with each other. Because their victims are the same. In conclusion, we can see that these two cats have more differences than similarities.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Habitable Islands are the most beautiful places in the world.Everyone want to go to the islands but what is the name of the most interesting island?This essay looks at two famous islands in my country.
Büyükada is the largest of the nine so-called princes islands in the sea of Marmara near Istanbul.There are several historical buildings on Büyükada ,such as the Ayia Yorgi Church and Monostery dating back to the 6th century,the Ayios Dimitrios Church and the Hamidiye Mosque built by Abdul Hamid II.What is more, visitors can take the small tour of the island by buggy.Visitors often ride a bicycle in the island.Unlike Büyükada ,Sedef Adası is one of the smallest islands of the archipelago.With an area of 0.157 km2.Sedef Adası is quieter than other islands.Also it is the one of the cleanest the sea between the islands.
To summarise,Büyükada is larger than Sedef Adası.Unlike Sedef,more tourists will visit Büyükada but Sedef Adası is quieter than Büyükada,Sedef Adası is greener than Büyükada.In conclusion,we can see that these two islands have more differences than similarities,but our islands,they are worth seeing...

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Cities are the most different places in Turkey.Everyone can recognise these cities,but are they all the same?This essay looks at two different cities in Turkey.

İstanbul is the most developed city of all in Turkey.It has important places.There are a lot of historical places and famous schools.The population is 15 million in İstanbul.It is the most crowded city all the cities in Turkey.Siirt is smaller than İstanbul and more undeveloped than it.The population is 300.00 in Siirt.It has exciting places.Siirt is hotter than İstanbul but İstanbul is humider than Siirt.Also Siirt has specific foods such as büryan,perde pilav and içli köfte.
To summarise,İstanbul is larger than Siirt but İstanbull is more crowded than Siirt so it is sometimes a boring city.In contrast,İstanbul has tourists everyyear.Siirt's local people usually visit this city.İn conclusion,we can see that these cities are different,especially if you want to visit a different city,you can go Siirt because it will cause you to feel something different in this city.
Differences Between Istanbul and Erzurum

There are a lot of differences between Istanbul and Erzurum. Their populations, climates, transportations, geographical features and social lives are different. So people who live in that cities have varied features.

Istanbul is the most developed city in Turkey. It is very crowded. About 12 million people live in Istanbul. Kinds of transports are also developing. Many people use them. However, traffic jam is a big problem. The weather is usually warm, it’s very hot in summer. It is a flat city. Istanbul is famous for historical buildings. A lot of tourists visit it every year. They go to the beaches and they are helping our economy.

Erzurum is a very big city in the north of Turkey. However, the population is about one million people. The weather is colder than Istanbul. Especially, in winter, it’s very cold. Also it’s higher than Istanbul. There are a lot of mountains. It’s famous for Palandöken Mountain. There a lot of snow activities in Palandöken. Tourists can go to in that place every season. Unfortunately, transportation is not good because snowfall is a big problem in Erzurum.

To summarise, these two cities are very beautiful. But Istanbul is more beautiful than Erzurum and also more developed than Erzurum. I think if you want to travelling, you should go to these cities.


İstanbul and Trabzon are the most impressive cities of Turkey.Thousands of people wantto visit these cities.This essay looks at two famous cities in the same country.

İstanbul is in the northern-west of Turkey.It links Asia and Europe.İstanbul is the largest city in Turkey.The population of İstanbul is 13 million.İstanbul is also a megacity as well as The cultural,economic and financial centre of Turkey.İstanbul is the most important industrical center in Turkey.There are many factories.İstanbul has a lot of historical places and there is a Bosphorus in İstanbul so it is a popular tourist center.Also the education is developed.There are 31 universities.The traffic is a big problem.

Unlike,Trabzon is in the northern of Turkey.Trabzon is a small city.The population is 1 million. Trabzon is one of the oldest trade-port cities in Anatolia.The economy depends on farming and animal husbandry.There are a lot of historical and natural beuties.For example;Sumela Monastery, Uzungöl,Trabzon Castle etc.There is a university in Trabzon.Its name is Karadeniz Technical University

To summarise,İstanbul is more developed than Trabzon but Trabzon is calmer than İstanbul. İstanbul’s population is 13 million.In contract Trabzon’s population is only 1 million.There are 31 universities in İstanbul,where as there is one university in Trabzon.İstanbul is an industrical city but the economy of Trabzon depends on farming and animal husbandry.In conclusion,there are differences between İstanbul and Trabzon.They are well-known cities Turkey.